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Hi, I can hear voiceover when I plug the headphones in but not otherwise. How do I turn off this? It happened suddenly when the music player app crashed. Thanks



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Friday, July 13, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
If restarting the phone doesn't fix the problem, I would suggest restoring it...sounds like something went haywire in the phone's firmware. Before you do that, though, make sure to back up the device's content in either iTunes on your computer or using iCloud.

Hi. I found out just recently completely by accident that the volume of the headphones and the internal speaker can be slightly different. Sometimes for whatever strange reason if you unplug your headphones, the internal speaker's volume gets lowered to a point that you can't hear it so you think something might be wrong when it actually isn't. So, try unplugging the headphones, and then try raising the volume on your iDevice. If you start to hear clicking sounds as you press the volume up button, it's a safe bet that's what happens. Also, if VO starts speaking you can raise the volume level while it's talking. I hope this helps.

I've restarted it a few times. Voiceover started talking earlier on when I recieved a phone call but then went off again. I also can't hear any click sounds when I move my finger over the screen if the headphones aren't plugged in. I was hoping I didn't have to restore. I did one earlier this week lol. Do you know if I Can make a backup of my phone now using Itunes and then restore that? I'm not sure if the problem may get copied onto the restored iphone if I did that.

I have had an issue where I haven't heard any output from VO and assumed something was wrong, only to find the volume was all the way down. So what I would do is unlock the screen by pressing the home button, and just move your finger around the "slide to unlock" screen while raising the volume at the same time. The important thing is to get VO producing sound while you raise the volume. So even if you are just running your finger across the screen back and forth, VO will click...and while it is clicking you can raise the volume and the volume change will be applied to VO. If that doesn't work, you should be able to back your phone up and restore it without bringing the problem back onto your phone. One last thought...what you could do is unlock your screen with headphones in, then unplug them and do the whole move-finger-around thing while raising the volume.

Thank you very much for that! The volume was turned down. I'm using the activator app on my iPhone and have currently set the volume buttons to launch my favorites list or the camera app when I press them so I forgot about trying to increase the volume. Thanks again