Unlabeled TV Show episodes in TV App as Voiceover Screenreader user

iOS and iPadOS

As voiceover screen reader user, When searching for a tv show (not Apple original) and navigating through episode list, there is accessibility issue where episodes become completely unlabeled. This makes finding specific episodes impossible. The issue occurs for any show that contains several
episodes throughout multiple seasons. For example, Buffy the vampire slayer found on Hulu. Or transformers found on Tubey. No matter what, after navigating
through the first few episodes that are properly labeled, the episode list becomes completely unlabeled.

1. Enable voiceover screen reader on iOS device.

2. Open TV app and double tap on search tab.

3. Double tap on search text ox field and search for a tv show (not Apple original). For example, Buffy, angel, in treatment, family matters, game of thrones,
the boys, wandavision, etc

4. Double tap on tv show and swipe right to list of episodes.

5. After hearing the title and description of the first 5 or 6 episodes, voiceover will then begin announcing unlabeled episodes. No way to know what episode
voiceover has landed on.

Please note, this does not happen on Apple original shows. Moreover, it does not matter if voiceover user is subscribed to channel where tv show is held. Simply searching and navigating through episode list causes issue. Buying the tv show from iTunes or tv app does not resolve the issue either.

I have already contacted accessibility@apple.com. I have similarly called the Accessibility Customer Service line at 1-877-204-3930. They were able to reproduce and confirm the issue. At this point, I am posting this in hopes of encouraging others to also reach out.