Unhiding movies, and why are they hidden anyway when I didn't ask for that?

iOS and iPadOS

So, I thought I had purchased the film Elysium on sale very close to its release date, but that purchase happened at the same time as several sales and when I didn't find the movie on my Apple TV nor in my list of movies available for download on iTunes, I convinced myself that I didn't go through with the purchase. Then, yesterday I noticed that the movie was on this weeks sale list so I decided to actually purchase it this time. When I clicked OK to confirm the purchase on my Apple TV, I was informed that I had already purchased this move and was asked if I wanted to watch the movie.

This led me into a sort of panic, wondering if I had forgotten other purchases that would not display for download or play and thus, while trying to figure out what was going on, I encountered the concept of hidden purchases. I had never heard of this function, definitely did not ask for it to be applied to any purchases, and really can't understand why anyone would want to do this with movie purchases since one then cannot play the movie on iTunes nor on the Apple TV. Beyond my bewilderment about the concept in general, I discovered that, at least on the PC, finding and unhiding movies is not, or is no longer if it used to be, accessible. The default tab is music, and the tabs are not clickable with the keyboard and I can't even get into the iTunes screen at all with the mouse, so I had to get sighted help. After getting help, I found that I only had this one movie that decided to hide itself without consulting me, something that still has me more than a little ticked off, but at least I got it fixed. But now I worry about it happening again at a time when sighted help is not so conveniently available. Apple really needs to fix this, both the hiding without asking and the ability to change the media type displayed without sighted help. I am hoping that some out there on the forum might take the time to join me in sending Apple some polite feedback on this topic, and that if anyone knows why things might get hidden without the buyer's permission might let me know how and why this happens.