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Okay, earlier I stated that under iOS7, one does not appear to be able to remove content from within the music app. I just tried doing the same thing using iTunes on my pc. That ability also appears to be unavailable. So, what is this? Are we allowed to transfer stuff from our itunes library onto the device, but not to remove content? How does this work? Am I missing something?



Submitted by Greg T Kelchner on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Strange... I haven't looked at the music app yet... I hope this can be resolved. This along with all of the accessibility bugs makes me wonder...

In order for this to work, you must be in the songs tab, and must turn the roter to actions. On your pc, are you hitting delete? I can delete songs, albums, and artests just fine

Under IOS7 on iPhone 5 there is no action in the roter. Only what I think is new an option called containers. The original poster seems to be correct that there is no way to delete music from the device, using the device.

Submitted by Bahzad on Friday, September 20, 2013

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I could delete a song if it were downloaded, but it still plays when it has been removed. In actuality, I came across that oddity when I must have accidentally double-tapped with two fingers and the song I thought was deleted began playing. When I navigated to my music app, I found that I could download the track to my device, even though the song was completely playable. I later downloaded the song and I seemed to have deleted the downloaded file successfully by way of the songs tab. In short, I double-tapped the song, went to track list, double-tapped a button that indicated something like show complete album, tapped the middle of the screen, and then I had to find the actions menu. I performed the latter command when I was on the song, and I located the delete button without problems. Alternatively, I think you could navigate to the song and flick up to get to the delete button. My friend figures that it's still playing the song after its deletion because of iCloud, but who knows. :)

Hello, The reason that the music is still being shown, even though it was deleted from your device is because of iCloud. To fix this, you need to go to settings, iTunes and App Store, and flick to the "Show all," heading. Then, flick to the right of that. There will be a toggle switch called "Music." Its probably set to on. Double tap to turn it off, and then, music from iCloud should no longer show up under the Music app.

Submitted by Greg T Kelchner on Monday, December 9, 2013

I have no idea why Apple would've changed this feature... Look… I think iOS 7 is great in a lot of ways… But having to delete music song by song? That's ridiculous. Especially when I have found that several albums have somehow been downloaded onto my iPhone from my iCloud… That I don't ever remember putting there… I mean it was nice for the mega bus ride I had the other week when I didn't have very good Wi-Fi service… But I don't want that stuff sitting on my phone taking up space… And I don't have the time or patience to go through song by song in order to get it off of my phone. I should be able to just find the artist or album in question, swipe down to get to the delete button…" Like you could in previous versions, of iOS and then do a double tap… Bam! It's gone. I suppose I could go to usage and delete all music… But I don't know if deleting all music includes deleting voice memos as well… And even if there's music that I would like to keep on my phone I shouldn't have to delete all music every time and then have to re-download the stuff that I still want on my device. I certainly hope that this gets changed in future versions of the iOS… Back to something intuitive and simple…