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I have a brand new iPhone 5 with IOS 6.2 (according to what voiceover tells me). I am unable to reach the delete button in edit mode to delete a contact. I found an earlier guide for an earlier version of IOS that gave a work-around for this, but I cannot seem to get it to work on my iPhone 5. No matter what I do, I never hear the "delete contact" button. I am a brand new iPhone user, and being about 60 years old, it seems to be a steep learning curve, ha! Also, I am brand new to posting, find navigating a little confusing, so if I get any answers to this problem, I hope I can find them! Thanks to any and all for help.



Submitted by Bahzad on Thursday, January 17, 2013

You could attempt to perform the following steps for deleting contacts. Best of luck. 1. Double-tap contacts. 2. Double-tap the name of the contact you want to delete. 3. Flick right until you find the delete button. To be clear, the delete button is next to the mobile button. VoiceOver should indicate that you landed on this button by saying "Delete, switch button off." Double-tap that button and continue to flick to the right. You should then hear "delete contact." Double-tap that option and your contact should be deleted. I hope this helps.

Submitted by Susan N on Thursday, January 17, 2013

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Thanks so much for your help. When I go through the steps, I hear "Moble button, activate to choose type." Also, I have to press the edit button to even get to this point. When I press the edit button, it immediately says "Done." I am going around in circles, ha! Still can't seem to find the delete button. Since I am so new at this, maybe I have a strange setting on. Or, could it be that I am using a blue tooth keyboard with my phone? Maybe this button will appear if I turn off the Blue Tooth. Again, thanks so much for your help. PS: I turned off the Blue Tooth keyboard and was able to delete the contact. Thanks so much. I think I am still just so unfamiliar with the screens. I have no sighted help to tell me what the screens look like. However, I am really enjoying feeling like I am part of the 21st century. Thanks again for your help.

Hi Susan Don't worry, I don't know if you are familiaze using gestures but I will try to be more clear possible. Follow the steps below to delete a contact. #1 Open you phone app #2 On the bottom of the screen you will find 5 tabs Favorites Recents Contacts Keypad Voice nail Select contacts #3 Select the contact that you decide to delete #4 On the top left corner select edit button #5 Once you have selected edit button you can do any change that you want, using the flick gesture do the follow Go to the bottom of the screen where you can read under your finger recents or contacts and then Do the flick gesture Flick left two times after passed favorites tap, Then flick right until reach delete contact button Hit on it Then it will ask that if you want to delete Then press delete Hope this helps if you have a question post at the forum

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