uber offering $20.00 ride credit for new and exesting members threw facebook messenger but ofcourse

iOS and iPadOS

Hi folks,
well the subject says it all.
When I learned of this offer I signed in to face book messenger,
but I can't get the uber part of it to work with voice over.I think we as blind people should have the same rights as everyone else to use that free ride credit.
Also I haven't used uber since I read here that the contact a driver option is inaccessible.
If anyone can tell me if that was fixed.
Also I belive lyft has fixed there app with this last new update after we emailed them.
it isn't even clear where the request a ride is you have to create a new message I think and there is a more button and the transportation option comes up.
and then you have to link the facebook app with your uber login.
But I can't seam to be able to find out how to request a ride.
There are some unlabeled buttons that open up search boxes and a button that says currengt location.
When I press the current location button I get a close my lo cation wich I tried to double tap and nothing.



Submitted by Toonhead on Saturday, December 19, 2015

Uber has quite definitely fixed their app, and from what I'm told, Lyft has gone down a bit in accessibility. I haven't seen this thing about Uber in FB messenger but then again I've been using Uber since last April.