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hi its Carlos,
I can't figure out the uber app.
I was able to creat an account but can't figure how to request a ride when I am signed in.
Also how can I advise the driver of my apartment number entry code and that I'm blind and need assistance.
if anyone knows of any pod casts or step by step tutorials,
or any help i'de appreciate it.



Submitted by Seanoevil on Friday, January 30, 2015

Hi Carlos,

As reported on another thread, there are some VO issues with the Uber App Version 2.58 so it is hard to remotely diagnose the problems you are having.
If you are sure that Uber does service your area *check via their website* then I urge you to contact your Local Uber Office and the main Uber Support to advise them of the Accessibility issues. email:support@uber.com
If and when you do get the service up and running, you should have little trouble letting the driver know of your circumstances.
When you select a car and service you will be sent a notification detailing Drivers Name, Car type, Registration and contact details. From this notification you will be able to message or call the Driver direct.