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Hey my apple experts! IOS 14 6 months away, and I want to ask apple to add two voices for voice over. the first voice is for English scotland, and the second voice is the enhance version of the Indian voice, witch is added. What do you think? And what other voice you want apple to add?



Submitted by Khushi on Friday, June 5, 2020

yes, I agree with you on that.
I never knew that it isn't on fire tablets as well!

I love to read blogs and other articles, and I think it'd be amazing to read them with that voice :)

Submitted by Muhammad Bilal on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A member wrote here that he wants eloquence for IOS. For the fact, I'm sure that it will not happen. But don't know why I also want the same.....
Missing the eloquence, indeed a eloquent friend.

Hi. Did you read through the entire post? If not, eloquence was phased out years ago. along with Dectalk, and other synthesizers. though some of us would care for those voices back, they are simply to old, out of date and not worth the time effort and probably money, to develop again. As I said before, though I understand people like what they like, what's the point? I mean if the voices worked so well, who said to themselves, I can make something sound better, more natural sounding, a faster response time? I'm not belittling anyone's wishes, just it begins to irritate me that so many want outdated software when people have spent their entire lives sometimes, to give us differing solutions. Also, let me point out that apple will never be a screen reading company. So in my view, once they have a voice that works for Arabic, or Hebrew, or indian, no matter if it's a great voice to our population or not, Apple's core commitment has been fulfilled. They have an accessible voice for a language which is supported in their operating systems.

Submitted by roman on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

I love Alex in my iiPhone. it works very smooth. But the vocalizer does not as smooth as Alex, or other apple's voices such as Fred, and victoria. I do not like to use the vocalizer om my iPhone, because it lags a lot, and I can not work faster.

Yes dude, I agree with you that eloquence will never find his way to ios. Did you read my comment?
"for the fact, I'm sure eloquence will never come to Iphone."
And why some people like to stick with the old? Because there is saying:
old is gold! :)
One more reason for sticking with the eloquence is that we (Urdu speaking community) write the Urdu language in English alphabets. Because there is no TTS for Urdu on ios. The eloquence pronounce them in almost natural way. The other voices have their own ways and sometimes you can understand something by only reading character by character....

Submitted by Troy on Thursday, June 11, 2020

I agree, for example I like the alex voice but sometimes I have to go character by character to understand some words or things he's saying. He makes me think I've mis typed something when I really have not. Does anyone know the best voice where one doesn't have to do this?

Submitted by roman on Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hey. a=Ava can help you.

Submitted by Brian Giles on Thursday, June 11, 2020

This just goes to show how subjective speech synth choice is. I heard somewhere once that it's like someone's taste in wine or beer. A synth that is perfect for one person may be the worst thing ever for another. I personally think eSpeak sounds horrible, but know there are some people who like it and would love it on their Apple devices.

Me? I'm in the camp that would gladly pay to have Eloquence on my iPhone. Yes I know it will never happen, but a guy can dream. lol People want what they're used to. Younger people might not like it, but for those of us who grew up using JAWS in the late 90s/early 2000s, we got very used to it. You could say the same thing for people who used other synths before that, hence the guy who wishes he could have Keynote Gold another one that I don't like. Just like there are probably people who have used Apple devices for a long time who are going to want Alex on everything. My perfect set up would be eloquence for everyday reading, and DecTalk for reading news content, because that's what I started out with and got used to.

I suppose it's a bit like sighted people complaining about having a glossy display instead of a matte one. Oh wait, that really was a thing.

i totally agree with you. it is a subject of choices. I like Eloquence, and espeak voices. if you sett inflection to 100, you get a very inflected sound, not a complyt robot. One thing about the vocalizer is they do not have perfect inflected voice. some time, I have to understand what is said in a explaination. but in eloquence, you'll get good inflection of every punctuations. for for example, you will get a rizing tone of question,etc.

Submitted by Muhammad Bilal on Saturday, June 13, 2020

Troy as you highlighted the problem that sometimes we need to read character by character in order to understand. To overcome tis, I personally use the Samantha. If we compare it with Alex, than definitely alex is much much better than this in terms of natural sounding and quality, but it all depends what we need.
With Samantha I normally understand each and everything, even if it is our Urdu language written in english alphabets. Character by character mode is required occasionally. That's why I called Aunt Samantha, as you need (of course, sometimes) "character by character" to really understand her. Lols....
Perhaps it might also help you out.

Submitted by Muhammad Bilal on Saturday, June 13, 2020

I'm also willing to pay for eloquence on IOS.
And yes, its all about personal preferences + needs whether someone like something or not...
If someone like the Alex or something similar, I have no problems with him, as long as he have no problems with my eloquence. :)

Submitted by roman on Saturday, June 13, 2020

In reply to by Muhammad Bilal

Hello. Eloquence is my favorite too. It resembles a really an eloquent American, or British guy. I have imagined that is how an american suppose to talk, and it got very close to my imagination! ha-ha-ha.

Submitted by Devin Prater on Saturday, June 13, 2020

I'm sure some blind hackers will cobble together Eloquence for iOS, and pass it along through AltStore.

I personally want eSpeak for iOS, both because of its potential for improved pronunciation, and its many, many languages. I mean, do you think Apple will ever create a Siri Esperanto voice? No. Of course not. But what about people who are learning Esperanto? Or what about those who actually speak it fluently? Plus, ESpeak is small, lite, and would run very well on even old iOS devices, like Fred but with higher volume and actual updates to the voice.

Then again, the maintainer of Espeak-NG hasn't even gotten a version to easily run on the Mac, so he'll probably just throw out the old "Oh Adonalsium! Apple? Apple bad! Closed source bad! Windows bad! Now I'll have to wash my hands and mouth for a week just from speaking and typing those terrible words and defiling this sanctum of open source!" Lol. So again, blind hackers to the rescue. We show, again and again, that we must rely on our community to get anything we actually want.

Submitted by Xavier Ciscar on Sunday, June 14, 2020

I’d heard iOS 14 would admit new third party voices, that is, not only from Apple. Has anybody heard about it?
I really need it to be able to work with catalan Ivona voice Laia, like I do in VoiceDream Reader. Spanish Inés would also be a wonderful option better, in my opinion, than any Apple existing voice.
On the other hand, I don’t believe we’re never going to be fully satisfied with Apple dictionaries for TTS voices. In fact, nobody never gets satisfied with any TTS pronunciation dictionary. So, my proposal would be, whilst Apple goes on upgrading dictionaries for an average user, they could implement three features for advanced users that could allow us adapt dictionaries to our needs:
1. Allow IPA pronunciations, just like in macOS. That makes fine tuning pronunciation much easier and efficient.
2. Regular expressions, just like in VoiceDream Reader. That would allow pronunciation rules act in a powerful way.
3. Scope, just like in activities. This would allow us to design different solutions for different scenarios. I don’t like the some Surname read the same way when I’m reading an English novel than a French one, even if both are in catalan.



Submitted by Madhusudan on Monday, June 15, 2020

If apple could brings the compatibility of using E-speak with voiceover then many of the user will be benefited from it.
I am not able to read my native Nepali language with voiceover, its very disappointing to say.

Submitted by Khushi on Monday, June 15, 2020

I'm with the people who say they want elequents!
when I first learnt how to use a computer.. I learnt it with elequents! and for me, reading articles or blogs or novels is best with elequents!
I know it is a far-fetched dream.. but at least apple can update the Siri female voice US and let us use the new one with voiceover?
if I can imagine something taking place of elequents in, then it's definitely Siri female US New one!
she's better and amazing to use.
I changed my language for 10 minutes from Indian English to US English just to notice the difference and enjoy it!