Two Problems with Everycord

iOS and iPadOS

Good afternoon everybody! I hope you are all doing well!

I am currently having two problems with the Everycord screen recording app, and I am hoping someone will have some kind of idea to help me solve at least one of the problems I am currently having with it, if not both.

The first and more recent problem I am having with the everycord app is that the app is refusing to play back the recordings I make with it. I don't know if it's not recording them properly or if something is just not working right with it but when I do record something with the Everycord app, which is something of a chore as my phone all but fights me with it the entire way, the app tells me that there is nothing to play or the time of the recording listed is in negative numbers. It is so weird.

The second and longer lasting problem I have been having with Everycord is it won't allow me to save longer recordings when I'm finished recording something. I'll go to save any kind of recording that is longer then about five minutes in length, and I am told that Everycord can not save a specific recording to the camera roll.

I'm just baffled at how weird and frustrating these two problems are. I'm hoping someone will read this post and will be able to help me.

Thank you!