two knfb readers in app store

iOS & iPadOS

In the app store there are two knfb reader apps. knfb reader Enterprise and just a knfb reader app.
What is the difference between them?
One COSTs Money, the other doesn't cost Money.
Can I try knfb Before I buy it?



Submitted by mikołaj hołysz on Friday, September 28, 2018

In short. The normal version is distributed through the app store. TO buy it, you need to have a compatible payment method (in most countries this is a banking card that supports internet purchases (credit card in the U.S). KNFB reader enterprise is distributed separately, supports account-based registration and has some options for enterprise management. It can i.e. be bought from a local distributor when it comes to invoices, purchase orders and govt/corporate financing (it's easier to sell a license key than an app tied to a particular apple id. It's meant to be cheaper to buy in bulk and easier to sell through locl dealers, and buying from the country where you live might give you an invoice compatible with what your government or corporation requires.