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Hi All, Quicj question on Twitterric. Ok, so when I see #Applevis reply forum, and I double tap on it, and #Applevis reply comes up, and I tap on it, ot takes me to a page of I assume all replies to #Applevis. What does this page do, and what is it called? Secondly, when I tap on show discussion, no conversation is displayed. Is this because no comments are available, or because you have to go to the Applevis site to read them? What do the different functions do when tapping on them? Thanks.



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Monday, January 28, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Hi Shane, When you click on the link provided in an AppleVis tweet, the link takes you to the appropriate page on AppleVis. For example, clicking on the link in the tweet regarding my reply will take you to this page. The same goes for app replies, and basically any other kind of interaction with content on our site. As far as the show conversation feature, this only works if you have a thread of, it would not work for AppleVis tweets as each is independent of every other tweet posted from that account. Where that feature would work is if someone had replied to the original AppleVis tweet. Regards, Michael Hansen AppleVis Editorial Team

So, does this mean because I'm replying to you via the Applevis site, that this will show up in the show discussion area, as opposed to just tapping on the reply button in Twitterrific?