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Hi all, I'm using Twitterrific and just getting to the point where I wish to post to one person or a web site to make a new post or make a request such as asking a question to a live show. I know how to repliy to a tweet but can't find where the option is to post a new one. I open the menu to go to whom I'm following and tap to open but there is no place to make a post. How can I do this?



Submitted by mehgcap on Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello, With Twitter, you do not need to reply to tweets to join a conversation. To mention someone, you'd just type an at sign, then their username, like this: @VOTips To converse (usually done with hashtags), you type a pound or number sign, then the term, such as: #AccessChat In either case, you start from the Compose button in the top right of your timeline. To reply to a tweet, you double tap, or maybe double tap and hold, I don't recall right now. I hope I've answered your question, but please feel free to clarify anything I missed or did not understand.

Thank you, is there an easy way to import usernames into your contacts or do you have to do it manually?

Submitted by mehgcap on Sunday, November 24, 2013

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In iOS7, you can add Twitter and other social networking usernames to contacts, but there is no way I know of to access those while writing a tweet. I have the few people I tweet often memorized, and anyone else I can look up on Twitter by doing a people search, then grab their username from there. To search, double tap the top left button (called something like "slide out panel"), and then find and double tap search. After the edit field you can choose to look for people or tweets, and people should be selected by default.

Submitted by Paul Hutson on Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just want to thank all of you who posted answers to my question...Paul