Twitterific made VO sluggish?

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Hi guys,

I have a question about Twitterific. Since I know it's a much appreciated app amongst the AppleVis users and other VO-users, I figured the best way to get answers about it was here.

I downloaded Twitterific about a week ago. Just the free version, to test the app to see if it'd turn out to be one for keeps. I like the way it "looks" and think I might prefer that one before Twitter for iPhone.

After I installed it, however, VO started messing with me. It turns incredibly sluggish at times, refuses to read various elements (randomly), stops speaking while typing and tests my patience quite a bit. After several days of wrestling with it, I decided to delete Twitterific and see if it would help.

It looks like it's a little better now, but I don't dare to crow too soon.

I wonder, has anyone bumped into the same problems? Does anybody know if VO's behaviour is depending on whether you have the free or the paid version of Twitterific? I don't dare to upgrade it with all the extra packs in case VO will keep on behaving strangely and I'd hve to delete it again.

Thanks a lot in advance!