Twitterific Help Needed

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Hi Folks. I know Twitterific is probably the most popular Twitter app on this site so hopefully you can help me get to grips with it.
Up to now I've been using Tweetlist 4. In Tweetlist, when I open my timeline, it generally drops me where I last left off, however long ago that was, and loads the 200 most recent tweets above that for me to easily scroll up through.
In Twitterific, I seem to just be getting randomly dumped somewhere, sometimes it says I'm on row 160 for example, and another time it will be 440. The new tweets loaded don't seem to be just the 100 or 200 most recent.
Have I got something wrong here? Or is Twitterrific only suitable for people who are on Twitter constantly throughout the day?
My other question is about sending linked articles to Instapaper. I have selected Instapaper as the reading service in settings, but I can only seem to open articles there and then. Is it possible to just send it to Instapaper for later reading? In Tweetlist you can do a triple-tap on the tweet and select the URL in the menu, then select Read Later. I would really like to have this functionality in Twitterific.
Last question :) Has anyone tried the Twitterific Apple Watch app? It's getting great reviews in the mainstream tech media. I'll have my Apple Watch soon so am curious.