Twitter, games, and sharing issues

iOS and iPadOS

Hi, all, I'm having twitter issues and I've posted to twitter and no help among my friends and followers. I'm using the laptop and iPhone versions, and in the iPhone version, I can't add twitter friends on some of the games I am playing like trivia crack and bubble island. I also can't get twitter to act right when I try to share my Bible plan and other information when there are share options for facebook and twitter options. Foursquare and swarm works ok and others I can't remember, but Bible, games, and other posts won't share on twitter. I have gone into settings on the iPhone and tweaked everything I know to tweak. Any suggestions? Thanks and have a blessed day.

I also can't search for friends on trivia crack to add them, such as folks on twitter and also not in my facebook or twitter. Any suggestions? Two of my twitter friends have said to add me to trivia crack and another person who's not on my friends list yet wants me to add her and I can't figure out how to do this. Thanks in advance for any help and have a blessed day.