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Hello all. I would like to kindly ask you for help. I know many people use different apps to access Twitter. I also know each client has its positives and negatives and each of us prefer something else. Would anyone be willing to compare the features of the following Twitter clients? 1. Native Twitter that comes with IOS, 2. Tweetlist, 3. Twitterrific, 4. Tweetbot, 5. any other that is accessible and easy to use. Which of the clients that have been mentioned above support Push notifications and in what way? As far as I know Native Twitter gives push notifications when someone post a tweet while other Twitter clients give push notifications only for direct messages and mentions. Does any client have the feature that is called individual time line in The Qube? To explain it better, The qube has the option here you can view the user's timeline (their tweets and replies). Which client lets you read the tweets from the position where you left? Does any client have the function to clear your time line like you can in The Qube? I know sighted people can do that with Twitterrific, but this function is not accessible with Voiceover. I would be happy to see a twitter client with all mentioned features plus more. Please describe the features that each Twitter client has. I know there are a few podcasts available about Twitter clients, but I am asking just in case so we have described as many as possible features of a twitter client. I would be grateful for any kind of help. Thank you very much in advance.



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Hi Maya, I'm not able to touch on all of the things you asked about...but I'll try to get the highlights: The official Twitter app, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired. My main issues with it are (1) the timestamps for tweets are not spoken in the timeline, (2) that you have to flick twice to get to each tweet in your timeline, and (3) the accessibility issues in the "Discover" area of the app. With all of that said...the official Twitter app allows you to enable push notifications for a specific user...which has its advantages in certain situations. TweetList is the app I recommend to people who are wanting a free, accessible Twitter client. Everything is accessible and easy to use. I have the Pro version, and I used push notifications when the service came out a few months ago. And while I appreciate the developer's hard work to get that feature integrated, the notifications took too long to come through to my phone for the feature to be useful to me. Twitterrific is my go-to Twitter app. It has a lot of great VoiceOver-specific features, and the developer's commitment to actively improving VoiceOver support is a big part of why I like the app so much. The push notifications are also very quick and much so that I have disabled all push notifications in the native Twitter app. Hope this helps, Michael

Submitted by Sof on Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hi, One more for twitterrific! I've tried many iOS twitter clients and twitterrific is the best for me. - Individual timeline: Yes, there's a way to view a user timeline individually but when you need to do so. I mean you can't save a special, permanent tab. But it's accessible when you so desire. You also have a useful "view conversation" feature. - Push notification: As Michael said, notifications are reliable and you can be notified when someone RT, DM, Mentions, replies, favorite or follow you. And, on top of that, they play a different sound to avoid confusions with other apps notification, which is a noticeable advantage IMHO. - Go back to the position you were: Yes, Twitterrific seems to be able to do that, although I'm not really sure how it works. :) - Clear timeline: No, I don't think so. I haven't been able to find a way to clear cache. Nonetheless, Twitterrific seems to keep a local copy of a limited (I suppose) number of tweets that you could read offline if you want. I've used tweetlist a lot and it's a nice client, particularly for those who work with list (as the name suggests). They're accessible and easy to reach. But In tweetlist, as Michael mentioned, I don't like the delay of push notifications. Moreover, I'm not sure you can go back to the left position. But, you can also view an individual user timeline and ther's also a conversation view. I don't have found a way to clear cache in Tweetlist, too. In Tweetlist, we have a "reply to all" function that we don't have in Twitterrific, which could be useful when replying to tweets containing a few users, and which, according to the developer, won't certainly be added later. I also have to say that when I've emailed the tweetlist team, no one has taken the time to reply, which is unfortunately, not a good point for me. I don't ask that devs add all the requests I make but, at least, I appreciate receiving a reply to them. Moreover, I like the way Twitterrific strips URLs in tweets so you don't have to hear "http://" each time you flick to the next tweet. Seems to be nothing, but I like that. :) We have obviously tweets time stamp and tons of VoiceOver notifications, indicating that tweets have been refreshed, posted or retweeted. You even have the number of new tweets after refresh, like in the Qube. Developers are really responsive, even on Twitter and they do their best to make it VO-Friendly. They have recently made accessible, upon request, "muffled" tweets, sort of muting features to mute some talkative users you may follow. However, this feature is not so powerful as the mutting feature in tweet list in my opinion. As a conclusion, avoid using the official twitter client. Just grab Twitterrific, it's worth paying for it, it's the best one for me those days. Hope it helps, Sof

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Well, you have some really good questions. Is there one app that can do everything you wanted mentioned? No, I am not aware of an app that suits you like The Qube. You can always use two clients at once to get most in what you have mentioned. The only client I am aware of that will allow you to get all of the inviduals tweet by your friends in the native Twitter app. However, you have to set it up that way. That could be a long process because you have to tell Twitter you want each friend that you want their tweet from to be turned on. So if you get any new friends. You have to go back and make sure you have it turned on. So I'm not a big fan of the native Twitter app because it is so clumsy and there are just simply to many blicks and digging to find in what you want. I am a Twitterrific fan myself. Although, it does lack in some functionality over some other clients. I do like the fact how fast I do get Push Notifications compare to other clients. I really love the different sound of my tweet. It loads my tweet ultra fast. Plus, there is an option in the settings to have your last seen tweet to be scrolled automatically. So when I open up my Twitterrific it loads my tweets. Just tap on the center of the screen. You are left right where you had last left off. That is a huge plus in my book. Lastly, it is simple. No digging down a bunch of menus just to do a function. So simplicity is why I chose this as my to go twitter client app. Although, it does lack of some functionality. They seem to come out with a major update with every release they come out with. So it shows they are actively pushing very hard at it. So I have no doubt in due time it will present just about everything we want out of a Twitter client app. As, Michael has mentioned. TweetList is also my second to go twitter client app. It is a fantastic app. Very accessible. Fully robust in terms in what it packs. Plus, they do have a FREE version of it. So you can't beat that. I do find the notifications a bit slower at times. There are a lot of menus and sort. So it isn't as simple as I like it to be. It really comes down to your personality taste of what you expect from a twitter client app. If Push Notifications is your thing. You don't want to miss a heartbeat. I do have an alternative choice for you to look at besides the Twitter native app. Be advise you will get every single tweet you ever wanted just like tThe Qube. Lookat the Push 4.0 It is not a twitter client app but it specialize in being Notified in just about every scenario you could ever want. I used this heavily at one time but I had to retire it because now that I have so many people I follow. My tweets were going off all of the time. So I am back with Twitter native app to select a few that I do want to be notified about and then use Twitterrific for my to go to app for reading up on all of the tweets. HTH

Submitted by banana on Monday, April 29, 2013

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I also use a combination of the native twitter app for push notifications for specific users and twitterrific as my main client. I absolutely adore the developers' commitment to accessibility and am impressed by the new features you get with every update. It's definitely worth the money. I have one issue though: When you want to see the list of followers of someone, you only are presented a few ones and are not able to locate the "load more" button. I told the developers about this, and they said they'd fix it in an update. So meanwhile, I'm using the standard twitter app for this task.

Has anyone tried Tweetbot? How accessible is it? Does it support push notifications for individual users?

Submitted by Michael Hansen on Monday, April 29, 2013

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Hi Maya, Tweetbot is partly accessible. My main issue with it is (1) VoiceOver does not automatically read timestamps for tweets, and (2) I don't know what any of the custome gestures are and thus how to easily use the app. You can read its App Directory entry here.

Submitted by Gerardo on Thursday, October 5, 2017

OK so I'm now using Tweetings as my main twitter app, plus the official Twitter app for push notifications for certain users. However in iOS11 Tweetings seems to have trouble working right; it sometimes takes four or five tries to get it to stay open without kicking me back to the main apps screen! So I'm kind of wanting to try out Twitterific. What kind of holds me back, though, is that Twitterific doesn't seem to have the facility to split tweets like Tweetings does. For those of you who've used both Tweetings and Twitterific, what do you like of one and the other? I just can't decide what to do! And yes I do have Twitterific free version, so I know kind of how Twitterific works. Nevertheless I'm kind of undecided to unblock Twitterific, or stick with, and hope the Tweetings iOS11 issues get resovledresolved. Thanks for any info and tips on making a wise decision.