Twisted wave audio editor with voiceover on iPhone.

iOS and iPadOS

Hey y'all. I recently downloaded the TwistedWave audio editor from my iPhone, but I'm having trouble with things that should be relatively easy including placing markers, selecting, and cutting and pasting. I'm wondering if there's a Podcast out there or a written tutorial I might be able to follow. I tried the help section of their website, but it doesn't say anything about using the software with voiceover. Any help you can give me is sincerely appreciated. Thanks in advance! :-)



Submitted by flcomputergeek on Monday, December 16, 2019

I really like the intuitive interface of twisted wave for IOS. Has anyone figured out how to navigate through the audio file in small increments? The help section says that you can zoom in on the wave view of the audio, but voiceover doesn't appear to see the wave view. Right now, I'm having to listen through the entirety of the audio, and pause and place markers. That can be really tedious for a longer recording. the fast forward and rewind buttons go to the beginning and end of the audio.
Thank you for any information you can provide.