Tweeting what I'm listening to on Spotify but with the song title instead of just the Spotify link?

iOS and iPadOS

Before on Spotify, when I'd share via Twitter, it'd say Now Playing plus the song title, and afterwards the Spotify link, for whoever wanted to go onto Spotify and listen to the song, right? Since several Spotify updates though, when sharing via Twitter, it only says the Spotify link! I used to perform a workaround during the pre-iOS11 era, via a workflow that when run, aside from placing the Spotify link on Twitter, it'd place the title of the song, but when I updated to iOS11, sadly this workflow stopped working, popping up the message of "Twitter couldn't be found". So is there any other workaround you guys can think, or have used of to accomplish this feat, aside from manually writing the song title on Twitter before sending?