Tweet List Podcast Comment & Information

iOS & iPadOS
I want to thank Mike for creating and presenting his podcast on Tweet List. It was very good and informative. After listening to the presentation I wanted to comment & clarify on one area. Mike talked about using the "tweet list" (2nd tab from the right of "home" on bottom of screen) tab to create an easy way to view tweets. This allows users to place tweets into separate lists to view only those tweets if desired. Example; create an Applevis list & place all tweets pertaining to Applevis in the list. When this list is accessed only those tweets are in the list. First time entering tweet list tab you get a "new list" option. I created an Applevis list. However afterwards couldn't find the create new list button for additional lists. Here's how you do this: Double tap on "more" (last tab from the right of "home". Locate "my profile" in list & double tap. Locate "my list" in the list & double tap. Double tap on the "edit" (top right of screen) button. Locate "create new list" in list & double tap. Placed in edit box to type name of list. When finished typing, locate "create" (top right of screen) & double tap. The list is now created. Note: If you want to create additional lists, you have to perform the same steps as noted above. To place tweets (i.e. Applevis, iPhone news, etc.) into the list perform the following... Double tap on "tweet list" tab. Double tap on "tweet list" a second time. Voice over should announce "jump to list". You will now be able to flick thru all the lists you've created. When you find the one you want to add tweets to, double tap on it. Next locate "action" (top right of screen) & double tap. Locate "add members" in the list & double tap. Placed in edit box to type search criteria. After finished typing (i.e. Applevis) you should get a list of all the items in your list of followed people/entities. Locate what you're looking (i.e. Applevis) for & double tap on it. That person/entity should now be added to the list. If you want to add another to the list locate the "add" (top right of screen) button & double tap. Placed back in the search field to perform same steps as above. When finished locate "done" button (top right of screen) and double tap. If you want to add "members" to other lists, perform the same steps as noted above. Note: I'm not sure if you are only receiving a list of the people/entities you've already been following when you use the search function noted above. I don't think you are actually searching thru the entire Twitter database to add "members". I believe you first have to be following the person/entity to be able to add them to one of your created lists. If I am wrong, I appologize & someone please correct me. Additionally if I've missed a step or provided incorrect information, I appologize and encourage someone to correct me. As I said I am so glad Mike produced this podcast on Tweet List. It really helped me to begin using the app to its fullest. Thanks for taking time to review this post. Hope the material is helpful. Regards, Adam