TuneIn Radio seems to support CBS Stations again

iOS and iPadOS
Well, I redownloaded TuneIn Radio pro earlier today and noticed that the CBS stations that were removed have been reimplemented. This means that many of the stations that TuneIn Radio had to leave out are again playable. I originally used TuneIn Radio as my primary radio app, but when those stations were removed because of contract issues, I chose to move to OO Tunes Radio. Although I think that OO Tunes is a great radio app, it can be a little cumbersome to navigate through at times and even difficult to find the proper radio station; its just my opinion. I personally think that TuneIn is a great app and prefer it over any other Radio App. Just thought I would give a heads up to those who left because of the lack of CBS Stations. THEY'RE BACK! Personally that means a lot to me because many of the stations I listen to are Owned by CBS and not having them was a pain.


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