TTS response time makes using Voiceover really hard in iOs 14

iOS and iPadOS

As reported in the lisst of bugs resolved and introduced in iOs 14 by the Applevis editorial team, there is a bug that makes the TTS response time to increase. In another words, when you flick or browse the UI with other exploration methods, the TTS sometimes takes close to a half second to start speaking.

This makes navigation extremely slow and hard.

The post linked above also suggests some alternatives, and this post is an attempt of trying to know how many people are affected by this.

What worked for me was to change my default phone language from Portuguese to English, and use my main language (Brazilian Portuguese), as a language in the rotor, so that it is not the default language anymore. It seems to be the case that only the defaultt language is laggy, where the languages in the rotor are not affected as much.

The TTS response time is not as good as it was in iOs 13, but better with this temporary hack.

I hope they can fix this soon, because this is a major bug for accessibility.



Submitted by Chris Smart on Sunday, September 20, 2020

and the second language can be the same as your primary language too.

Submitted by roman on Sunday, September 20, 2020

Hey. I heard that apple knows about the accessibility bug. I really hope that they solv this isheu

Submitted by Damien Garwood on Thursday, September 24, 2020

I upgraded yesterday, and I'm finding that the whole system seems to have slowed down, along with Voiceover, to the point that sometimes my audio is stuttering and hiccupping. Bear in mind I'm running it on an IPhone SE II, so a relatively newer model.
Also it's perhaps worth noting that none of the techniques mentioned here fixed it for me, although Voiceover still seems overly verbose when it comes to images, which makes me think that the recognition features aren't properly disabling for some reason.
I had hoped that the 14.0.1 update would have fixed it, but unfortunately not.
I'm loathed to have to reset my phone, but looks like I'm going to have to if I can't find a workaround, because it's unfortunately impacting me to a point where I'm much less inclined to make phone calls and respond to messages with it, much less play games and music.

Submitted by roman on Friday, September 25, 2020

Hello all. the bug of slow responseness of the text to speeches is still there. I was using alex before the IOS14 came-out but every text to speech response the same as Vocalizer. I wish that apple can fix it in a latest version of the IOS 14.2