Trouble with turning Voice Over on and off by triple tapping the home button

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Hi All!

I'm brand new both to this brilliant forum and to Apple. I have an iPhone 6S running IOS 12.3. I've been trying to set it up, so that I can turn Voice Over on and off by triple tapping the home button.

I've looked everywhere in the accessibility settings, but can't seem to find the settings I need to change.

I have got Siri running and of course can use that to turn Voice Over back on again, if Iv'e accidentally turned it off whilst playing around and trying to get used to my iPhone. I'd like to set the triple tap on the home button up as a safety net, in case the worst happens.

Please could one of you wizards out there give me step by step instructions as to what I need to do?

Many Thanks in advance for any help and guidance with this matter.

Best Wishes from the UK.

Green Anorak.



Submitted by kool_turk on Monday, May 27, 2019

Hi, welcome to applevis.

It sounds like you're looking for the accessibility shortcut.

Go to settings, then general, then accessibility.

Keep swiping untill you find accessibility shortcut.

Once you're in there your choices should be in alphabetical order, if not, keep swiping until you find voiceover.


Hi Kool-Turk,!

Wow! easy when you know how. Thanks ever so much for your help and I've now set up the home button to turn V/O on or off with a triple tap.

I know Iv'e still got a mountain to climb, before I get proficient with the iPhone, but it's great to have a pool of Apple experts to ask questions of and chat to and who can help me along the road to achieve my goal.

Many Thanks once again.