trouble toggeling between soft keyboards when more than two are in the list

iOS & iPadOS

Thanks for reading. If anyone has found a solution, I would be most grateful for knowing a workaround. :) This topic is relating to what I will classify as a soft keyboard, which, is the keyboard that pops up on the touch screen of your iOS device when in a text edit field.

If I have say, the, QWERTY,, and, emoji keyboards selected in settings/general/keyboard, I see a toggle button, at the bottom left hand corner of the screen to switch between both keyboards. When adding a 3rd softboard, and especially if, a 3rd party keyboard is active, I do not see this toggle to go back to another loaded keyboard of choice. I have noticed, when a 3rd party keyboard is loaded, that if buttons, or, tabs, are included, which cover the screen where the space bar would be on a QWERTY, they as well most times cover the toggle button to switch back to another softboard.

I would love to hear about a multifinger command to quickly switch between boards. Does a command exist, of any other nature than a covered button, to perform this action?

Thanks for any tips.



Submitted by mastodont on Saturday, October 22, 2016

hi. I have several soft keyboards turned on and the button appears everytime. it's somewhere near the more button, though you have to search for it sometimes. I think it might be a bug on your end, I have french, romanian, english and emoji and the switching works as expected.