Trouble with the rotor in the Apple News app with IOS 13.1

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Hi! I hope someone can help me out with this problem. I just downloaded 13.1, but now when I’m using the Apple News app I’m having trouble with the rotor always going back to actions after setting it to headings.

What happens is that I set the rotor to headings and as I was going through the articles I would flick down, but it wouldn’t advance me to the next heading, or to the previous heading if I flicked up, and when I would check the status of the rotor it would say actions. I called accessibility about this, but the rep I spoke to insisted that this was the case with IOS 12, although I rarely had this problem before I downloaded the new IOS yesterday. To be honest, I got so used to using the news app that I’m having trouble remembering what did what, but I do know that when I use the news app in the same way as I did with the previous IOS it’s acting differently.

So, I guess my question is this… Has anyone else had trouble using the Apple news app with IOS 13.1? The rep said that this wasn’t a bug and insisted it was me. This is just one of a few concerns I have with the new IOS. Others are more minor, but I wish that when I opened my mail app the focus would be on an E-mail rather than on the back button.

I’ve seen people reference E-mailing Apple Accessibility as well. Can someone provide me with their E-mail address? I don’t hear very well so talking on the phone isn’t always the optimal choice for me and I can slow down speech or raise the volume with JAWS if I’m communicating with E-mail.

Thanks for reading and I apologize if my description was confusing.



Submitted by peter on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Yes, I too noticed that in iOS 13.1 swiping down often gives associated actions rather than navigating to the next heading.

I think you have to be on a heading in order for the swipe down to go to the next heading. If you are on an article and swipe down, you get more actions. There seem to be more items in the iOS 13.1 News app that aren't "headings" as such, so swiping down gives actions instead of moving by heading unless you explicitly set the rotor to move by headings.

For example, I blieve that with iOS 12, when swiping down on the "Suggestions" item one would move by headings. With iOS 13, however, swiping down hon "Suggestions" now gives more actions instead. So one has to be more careful on which item one is swiping down.


Submitted by yesitscal on Thursday, September 26, 2019

I found that, as soon as you flick right or left, the rotor will change back to actions so even if you flick left or right to get to a heading you'll have to set the rotor back to headings in order to get to the next or previous one.

Submitted by peter on Thursday, September 26, 2019

After more experimentation with iOS 13.1 and the News app, I notice that if one flicks up on a "Heading", and item called "Context Menu" shows up. When I double tap that I don't see any different items or menus. There shouldn't be a Context menu associated with a heading. In iOS 12, simply flicking down on a heading would bring you to the next heading.

Very strange and possibly a bug.