Trouble opening HTML pages in IOS 13

iOS and iPadOS

Hi Everybody,
I recently purchased an I phone 7 and upgraded to ios 13.
However, I regularly receive the E news papers provided by the RNIB in HTML format and in IOS 12.4 I could navigate from article to article either using the Table of contents or the headings within the file.
But now I find that it will murge 2 articles into one when I double tap on it and yet the file works ok everywhere else ie in firefox and ios 12.4.
Any ideas?
If not what apps can open .epub files or .mobie files that will allow me to open the file and navigate it like using Safri in IOS 12.4 as well as being able to read it in Braille using my Orbit Reader
Finally, how do we use Voice Dream Reader in Braille
Many thanks so much



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hi. I think you might be having this issue because of a little bug that makes the misspelled words option show on the rotor. Just swipe or move your finger around the screen & then go 2 headings option on the rotor. It's a <ng in Ios. 13.
Also, in Ios. 13, you now automatially get the desktop site for any web page you visit. So if you went to AppleVis, you'd get desktop format. You can change this in the format options. You can have it be site spicific, (ex. you want the mobile version of Facebook, but the desktop version of Twitter). Also, maybe the site changed or maybe the newspapers changed formatting also. Hope this helps.