Trouble navigating playlist on Spotify

iOS & iPadOS

Ever since a few updates ago I’ve had difficulty navigating through the songs on my playlist on Spotify using voiceover. I do use search functionsz and that works fine, but does anyone know if there’s a way to fix this Scrolling problem? Or if not, is there anyway to contact me developer? I’m not sure, and this isn’t a big deal, but I would like it fixed if it is not too much trouble for the developers.



Submitted by Sof on Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I've noticed the same here and strangely, it doesn't occur with all playlists here. I've subscribed to their beta program via Testflight and reported the issue. You may subscribe too and give your feedback. not sure they take our accessibility feedback in account though, although some problems I reported seem to have been addressed.

Submitted by Gerardo on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Same thing here with spotify: since a few versions back, I’m having trouble flicking through Playlists. The only way flicking works is backwards, from the bottom of the screen upwards. though I’ve been able to work with Playlists via 3-finger swipe and Explore by Touch, it’s just not the same as by flicking! I was wondering too if we could contact the devs to have this annoyance fixed, since albums and other items work just fine with flicks!

Submitted by Dawn on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Me to.