The Travelear app - Download offline

iOS & iPadOS

Hey friends, the past two years you have been very helpful in helping make the Travelear app and website accessible to the blind and low-vision community. Through your comments and direct communication we were able to really bring it to the next level. We had a lot of requests for features and new content and tried our best to fulfill these with our two person part time team, myself and Nick. Our newest feature that was suggested several times by this community, is the ability to listen offline. By adding soundscapes to your favorites in the app and pressing the download button you can play the soundscapes offline, even when you're online the downloaded soundscapes won't use any additional data since they're stored on your phone. This feature is part of our new premium subscription as well but you'll be happy to know this goes to help pay for our continued expenses such as server costs and maintenance. We have also re-introduced ads into the app but they go away with a purchase of the subscription. The rest of the app remains the same and listening to all soundscapes remains free. Purchasing subscriptions is super easy in the app and everything is run through the App Store. These new features only apply to the app, not the website. If you have any questions or comments or if something isn't working right please comment here or reach out to me or Nick directly. Once again, thank you!

Here is the link to Travelear in the App Store, if you don't already have it.