Transitioning from Spotify to AppleMusic adding to favorites?

iOS and iPadOS

Sadly I'm going to have to stick with AppleMusic instead of Spotify with which I was getting excited and very familiar with because of circumstances that so as to save space, I won't go into, but anyway I'm wanting to know of within the iPhone app of course, what spotify functions equal in Apple Music to the tasks or function of adding items to Favorites?

I have a playlist I want to have as a Favorite; you know how in Spotify you can add it to your Favorites? OK does Apple Music have a similar function? Where in Apple Music are your favorite Playlists, albums and other content? I see 5 tabs which are For me, Explore, Search, Library. I go into the More option in the playlist I'm wanting to favorite, but i can't find anything like on Spotify where it says Add to playlist etc.

For now I think that's it, but if I can think of any in the next days, I'll ask again, but at least the one mentioned if you could give tips/tricks, or if this can't be done in Apple Music? so as to know what to expect from it if it's different from Spotify or the same in some areas?



Submitted by Jeff on Thursday, May 18, 2017

I'm not sure whether you're asking about adding songs to a playlist or trying to mark a playlist as a favorite. I've never wanted to do the latter, so I don't know how to favorite a playlist, although there may be a way to do it.

However, if you tap on the Library tab, you will get a list of ways to view your library. You can view by artist, album, songs, etc. One of these options is playlist. Tap on Playlist and you will get a list of all the playlists you've added to your library. These can be playlists you've created or ones that you added from the Apple curated lists.

Once you tap on a playlist, you can play from the start of the playlist or shuffle it. Or, you can flick down through the songs and tap on a song you want to start with. There's also an edit button where you can edit the playlist by rearranging or deleting tracks. As you view songs in your library, you can tap on the Options button to add the song to a playlist. I think this Options button is available in the player screen as well.

Hope this answers your question.