Transit-app, How does one work this thing

iOS & iPadOS

I went on the reccomendation that this was completely accessible, all buttons clearly labeled and all that. But, I'm unable to get the app to work, much less search for a particular bus line. I know it sees my area, since I have a long long long list of bus lines to go through, assuming it allows me to move through it without refreshing every so often. Trying to do something as simple as enter my bus line, on the edit box inviting one to anter the line number yields no results. In fact I'm just still facing that list of line names and numbers that refresh every so often.
I tried clicking on a possible line name, and tried reading through that, and flicking through the screen tends to cause the screen to refresh or something.
So, where's the accessibility in that? Yes, all the buttons and such are clearly labeled, yet this is to me, a bit of a confusing app, when it should be simple just to look up such simple information as when a bus is arriving or leaving, for instance.