Transferring RSS feed list from PC reader to an iOS app

iOS and iPadOS

I am hoping to find an accessible RSS reader app that I can import an .OPML file into that I have exported from my feed reader on my PC so that I do not have to hunt down each and every feed I am subscribed to just to get them all on my iPhone or iPad. Does such an app exist?





Submitted by Bryan Jones on Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello Chris,

The Lire app, a fully VO-accessible IOS RSS Reader, has the ability to import feeds from an OPML file. I've not tried this function myself, but here is the help text pasted verbatim: "If you have an OPML file in another app (like an attachment in Mail) that can export files to other apps, when you try to export an OPML file, lire will show up as one of the apps that can read the OPML file format. When you open an OPML file with lire, it will just launch and import the feed subscriptions from that file."

Lire is a paid app, currently US $5 I think, and if you're interested in learning more about the app a quick search of AppleVis will return a review and several good podcasts.