Transferring Material To Read2Go and Pages From WINDOWS Laptop Using iTunes 12

iOS and iPadOS

I am rtrying to transfer audio book material from my laptop to my Read2Go app, on my iPhone 5S, using the latest build of iTunes. In previous iterations of this software, when my phone was connected to my laptop via USB and iTunes was open, I could easily select my phone, then Apps, then Read2Go and I then had facilities to select a file from my PC to transfer over. With the new iTunes, I cannot find this facility, despite selecting my phone and Apps. Has anyone managed to work out how to do this? I would appreciate any step-by-step instructions. The same scenario would be used, to transfer a document, from a PC to the Pages App on IOS, but again, this does not seem to be straightforward under iTunes 12. Any help is gratefully received.



Submitted by david s on Monday, December 8, 2014


Are you using Windows or Mac? If you are using Windows, are you using ZoomText or Jaws?

I am not sure how to do it on the Mac since I am still learning the Mac OS but I can tell you about windows. In previous versions of iTunes, there was a sidebar option but Apple did away with it. You now have two sets of tabs on the top. The second set of tabs replaced the sidebar once your device is connected.

So, connect your device and launch Itunes if it does not open. Keep tabbing until you see/hear the name of your device. Hit enter. Then tab over until you see/hear iTunes. In Zoomtext, it does not tell you there are options but with Jaws, it does. So when you see/hear itunes. Use the up or down arrows on your keyboard until you see/hear apps. This may take a few seconds as there appears to be a lag from when you first press the arrows to when you see/hear the actual options. Once you see/hear apps, hit enter then keep tabbing down until you find the options you are looking for.

If you are using a Mac, someone will be along to tell you how to do it.

Hope this helped and good luck.