Touch screen Using iOS 7 with voice over

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For those of you that have downloaded IOS 7 using iPhone 5, have any of you ran in to touch screen problems? I ask because I was looking on the blog uf Applevis And they mentioned a serious problem with the touch screen And voiceover. I have been very hesitant to download iOS 7, so I would like to hear what other iPhone 5 users are noticing. They said that this could be a butt that not everyone notices, and hopefully it will be resolved as soon as possible!



Submitted by Alyabani94 on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello yes that's right touch screen on iOS 7 has some problems,not just on iPhone 5 but the iPhone 4g/4s as well you can't click triple tab in some fields, for example,in text field:if you write in standard typing,you can't click on the letter many times or without releasing it, ,you have to release your finger in order to click on the same letter,note that doesn't happen with touch typing so it's a problem in iOS 7,Not in a certain iOs device