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The joy and fear of having an IPhone at last in your hand is awesome! More when you've been hearing podcasts for the last 3 or so years, visualizing how you'd do the gestures while listening to the audio demos, and visualizing all the neat things you can do with one of these. This came true for me on July 12 of this year, only weeks after being able to briefly, try out an IPHone IPhone at the equivalent to an Apple store here in Mexico, called Mac Store. The experience of being able to work a talking phone out of the box was awesome! Especially when I triumphed over little things such as being able to see the battery status and other brief details Ihad time to explore within the ten or fifteen minutes I had to try out the phone. Beforehand about seven months ago, I almost had another go at an IPhone, but because neither Inor my uncle knew what to do upon activating VoiceOver Ileft it for the peace. The first couple of hours with my new toy were filled with excitement, but fear of doing somethings I might not have been able to undo! One of these happened only one or two hours upon coming home: accidentally deactivating the Voice on the VoiceOver! Another adventure that had my head spinning occured all of a sudden the next day when I thought I'd done something while practicing my typing: for some reason when I'd press spacebar VoiceOver wouldn't read the word! I spent hours going into the VoiceOver settings, seeking help on Twitter and Skype among other IPhone users, until finally Iwith the help of a friend, got it figured out. However the adventure that almost had me go back to the IPhone store and seek another phone and had me frustrated for about a week involved an aspect I'd like to talk in depth so that others 3gs users won't have to go through the same experience as I: Here in Mexico and other Latinamerican countries where the economic situation is hard for most blind people, have to go with older models, thus the case I got an IPhone 3gs. Yes I'm conscious that it's almost out of use, but what the heck I thought as I signed the deal. However when all of a sudden I'd type away and the IPhone would suddenly close the app be it Notes, Email or Twitter, I almost wanted to take the IPhone back and forget all about it! I'd think is the IPhone not for me? with other discouraging thoughts. After lots of research everywhere I could think of, but especially when I reconfirmed it in another equivalent to the Apple Store here in Mexico a few days ago with an engineer, I'd like to comment. The processor in the 3gs isn't as advanced or fast as in other newer models, thus it's logical for the phone using Ios 5.1.1, to start getting slow after about five, ten or more minutes, causing the problems I had: VoiceOver getting slow, and the app suddenly closing. Solution? Deactivate VoiceOver with the triple click home for about fifteen to 30 seconds, reactivate and all works great! Yes it takes some experimenting because the first few times I waited too long for the slowness to take effect, thus losing (especially in emails) the entire writing when the app would suddenly close on me. So how to know when to let the phone rest? When it starts getting a bit sluggish is the chance. Since learning the trick/tip just described, I never again thought twice of returning the IPhone! Any other similar experiences with 3gs you'd like to share so that others who newly start on this adventure won't get discouraged like Ialmost did?



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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