tips for taking the i-phone on the plane?

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I will be doing some traveling that will require me to fly in order to reach my destination. Can somebody give me some tips about the best way to protect the i-phone on the plane so that when i get to where i'm going, it won't be in tons of peaces. Will the i-phone be erased if I put it through the x-ray thing at the airport?



Submitted by Toonhead on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hi. I don't mean to minimize anyone's concerns here, but I'm not sure where you got this idea about the iPhone being in pieces? If this were the case, nobody would be flying with their phones. Given how pervasive they are today, this isn't likely to happen. Just enable airplane mode under settings/general and when you get off the plane, or when they tell you you can use your phone again you can disable airplane mode again and use your phone as normal. relax, and have fun on your trip. don't worry about anything.

Submitted by Amber on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hi. I am going to school in Michigan to get my guide dog in July. I will be taking 2 planes there, so I looked up airplane mode recently to see what it would doo, and what it would disable and still allow to be used on the phone. I found that Bluetooth is disabled when you turn airplane mode on. I want to be able to use my braille display, so can I turn Bluetooth on and have everything else off? I've never heard of Bluetooth disturbing the airplane's signals, but maybe it does. Does anybody know anything about this? The bottom line is, can I use my braille display on the plane with airplane mode still turned on? Thanks.

Goodnews/badnews... Turning on Airplane mode also turns off bluetooth. However, after you have turned airplane mode 'on' you can then go into settings/General/Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth manually. Then, your iphone will be in 'airplane mode' and unable to make/receive calls, except that Bluetooth will be on. (you can do the same thing with WiFi, btw). The bad news is that, technically speaking, I'm not sure you're supposed to have your bluetooth enabled in flight. I was once using a blue tooth mouse and was asked by the flight attendant not to use it. That said, I'm not visually impaired, so there may be some accommodation there. But the bottom line is that it is do-able, from a technical perspective.

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