Tips for Coursera and udemy

iOS and iPadOS

Hello everyone.

Coursera and udemy seem inaccessible at first because of how the apps list their courses. And yes at times there are glitches.

The good news though is they do both work. And I have one tip that works both in Coursera and udemy. And of course both have free courses you can take at no charge whatsoever.

Once in the courses navigation differs a little. I have found Coursera to be more accessible in navigating courses once joined than udemy. However both work and work well all things considered.

So what are my tips?

1. Both Coursera and udemy on their features screen tend to list courses in a particular category together. You can’t just swipe and double tap.

You also can’t touch and double tap to select the second or third course.
So how do you deal with this pesky annoying problem?

What I have found works in these cases is to double tap and hold on the area that is giving me issues then slide right or left depending on what course might be showing clickable on the screen at the time. And then lift your finger and double tap.

In 90 percent of the cases of doing this. The course you want will come up.

Once you subscribe to a course you don’t have to do this because the course goes to your favorite list.

2. Another glitch oddity I have noticed in udemy is when you search sometimes double tapping on a course although it is right there does nothing at all. I have not found a fix for this. Sometimes I think they are working something on udemy’s end. As the day I and another person encountered this issue videos weren’t playing either no matter what I did. When this happens the best advice I can give is wait a few hours or days and try again. Yeah. Its frustrating. But I went back later and videos were playing just fine.

3. On both of these apps. It might be a good idea to contact the developer. I have not. Because they work well enough for me. But if you need that added accessibility please contact them and be polite telling them what is going on and possibilities of how they could fix it so their content would be easy to access for everyone no matter who they are.

I really like Coursera and udemy and iTunes U. I am totally blind and use these apps just fine minus the glitches that come from time to time. If enough of us do contact the developers they may fix those oddities and the apps may become even more accessible.

And on any app. If it is bunching stuff together like that try the double tap and hold and slide method before double tapping to select and see if that works.

One thing that just totally rattles me is people giving negative reviews because they don’t take the time to try to navigate it before reviewing it or the problems thoroughly.

Also. That is not the way to contact the developer. Yes. Some developers listen that way. And I tend to support apps where developers do read their reviewers posts. But not all developers do that.

So sometimes you need to contact them directly and hunt down how to do so. And then you might get results.

Have a great day. And I really do hope this post helps in more way than one.



Submitted by Ekaj on Friday, August 10, 2018

I don't use these much or at all, but just wanted to say thanks. I recently registered on Coursera's website and while it may not be as straightforward to navigate in some areas as other websites it is certainly accessible on the Mac with VoiceOver. I actually saw a link to one of their free courses on another course-related website, and it sounded like something I wanted to take so I signed up. I think I've flicked past the iTunes U app on my iPhone, but what exactly does it do?

Submitted by JLYN on Saturday, August 11, 2018

In reply to by Ekaj

I am not sure if this will answer your question or not.

To my knowledge the apps do everything you can do on the website

I think I visited one of the websites once to try to do something I thought I couldn’t do in the app only to find out later I could have done it in the app.

You can sign up for an account, subscribe/unsubscribe to and from courses in Coursera, and subscribe to courses in udemy. I think both allow you to download course content on your phone/iPad for on the go listening.

And you can edit some of your user account information through the apps.

I have two free courses on udemy right now and none on Coursera. Not because I haven’t been interested.

I returned to iPhone after using android again for a short period of time and so my huge concentration was on getting the apps on my phone I want on here and getting the others off.

All that to say so if I had had the time I would have been through those free udemy courses right now and been working on one or two in Coursera and iTunes U too.

And could be giving even better directions.

But in general. I think you can do almost anything in the app you can do on the sites. Or that has been my experience. Perhaps someone else might be able to answer your question better.