Thoughts on iOS 7

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Hello everyone. I absolutely love iOS 7. It is working very well on my iPhone 4. It is as responsive as it was in iOS 6. My favourite features so far have to be the app switcher and control centre. So much easier to close apps in the app switcher and the control centre makes things like turning on airplane mode and do not disturb a breeze. Also since I have caregivers coming to help me out, the new flashlight may come in handy in case they can't find anything for me. Take care.



Submitted by Brandt on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hi, I personally would not go so far as to say that iOS 7 is as responsive on the iPhone 4 as iOS 6. I will however say that it is very usable. My favourite feature in iOS 7 is the fact that you can turn off those annoying voiceover sounds. I am also very happy for the ability to make use of handwriting.