Thermo watch app to make nest thermostat app work with siri

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In researching whether the Nest Thermostat would work with SIRI, I came across this App, Thermo Watch. I've never seen this app referred to on Applevis but of course could have missed it. It's one of the greatest apps I've come across if you have or are considering a nest thermostat. Because Nest is owned by Google, it doesn't appear that they will ever make their app work with SIRI. But, thermo watch, as a third party app, does it for you. You simply download the app, choose to log in using your nest thermostat credentials, input a code that send to you through nest to your email, and start setting up the already identified SIRI options for operating your nest thermostat. It has many different options that should cover most of your needs. I've fully downloaded the app and set up several SIRI commands and they all work, even a setting where you can just say set the temperature and then identify the exact temperature you want. I always had been thinking about leaving Nest because it wouldn't work with SIRI but this app solves that problem. The app is fully accessible for everything I have explained. The app does cost $2.99 but in my opinion, it's worth it and a lot more. I even tipped the developer an additional $10 I was so impressed and excited about the app.