Is there a way to make apps like Flightradar24 or Flightaware accessible?

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all,

Since I'm a child, I'm still interested on flying espicially aircrafts ETC. At these times I asked me for example which countries should an aircraft pass to get from A to B, or how long will a flight from A to B.
Luckyly we live in nice technical times which almost everything is possible, which if you told someone some decade ago, that you can track a flight or get special informations about it, he or she would laughing you out.
Fortunatly there are to big apps on the market including for IOS, "Flightradar24", and "Flightaware."
For me, as a totally blind person, unfortunatly Flightradar24 is in using with Voiceover less accessible. Sighted person loves Flightradar24 and often swears on it. They can immediatelly look into all relevant flight informations, the current hight and the exact position, where the aircraft is located and in which direction will it fly, to reach his destination. They can also observe which aircrafts are nearby the chosen flight and their destinations. Just I said, it's all in map view and as an Voiceover user it's unluckyly with an IPhone not Comprehensible.
A little bit better is Flightaware. With Flightaware you can see as an Voiceover User if you chosen flight has departured or arrived, or you can set an alert, which notify you, when your flight has landed for example. The current fly position or the height is also on Flightaware not accessible with Voiceover.
So, my question is, is it possible for the developer, to get most of the features also accessible for Voiceover users, or do you think it would be unrealistic, because of the mapping a labeling or something else, which would help, isn't possible.
Thanks for an answer.