Is there a scanner app with true 2bit (B/W) output?

iOS & iPadOS


I am qiute desperate. I am looking for any scanner app which could create true 2 bit (not 16 bit) output files - just like my home scanner (samsung printer), which does the job perfectly when setup to black and white scanner mode. The reason is simple - the SIZE of such file.

My home scanner can produce perfectly sharp and readable 300dpi black and white scans where 1 page is less then 100KB. On contrary, every ios app i tested up today created standard 16 bit jpg (pdf) files of size around 1MB for one page! The reason is that the apps do not create true 2 bit jpg (pdf) files, they just use B/W filters within 16bit color space, which is really stupid.

So i cant use my iphone for scanning and archiving personal documents on my NAS because i wont accept these huge files, which are created just because the ios programmers are lazy or unaware of the fact, that B/W outputs can be saved in 2bit format.

Any tip to ios application which does the job correctly???