Is there a dedicated app for those who like to doodle, that is vo accessible?

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Hi everyone,
I've searched through the site, but haven't found an answer. If there is one, and I've missed it, sorry for the trouble. I've found the ability to draw with my apple pencil in the sketch area in the Imessage area.
This is fine, but has anyone developed, or does anyone know of a reasonably priced, or free, app that allows one to just, doodle, draw or paint using the apple pencil, and the same accessibility level? I would dearly appreciate this. Since I paint or doodle with music, it would be nice to be able to do so with my iPad and pencil rather than a huge box of craolas or messy paints whilst going to an appointment, eh?
Anyway, thanks for any help anyone can give!



Submitted by Terrence van Ettinger on Saturday, August 4, 2018

I don't know about Apple Pencil as I've never used one, but I do know that the Notes app has a sketch feature. When you make a note, there's an "Insert" button just above the keyboard, and one of the options there is "sketch". When you pick that you'll get a sketching area where you can double-tap and hold, then just draw. The different types of sketching tools are all clearly labelled, so you have options as to what kind of "pen" you use.

Submitted by Kay Carter on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Hi terrence,
Thanks for the tip about notes. I just want an app that is unattached to any other one in the IOS default package. I also would love something that takes the diverse tools of notes, and puts them in their own app, something like, for lack of a better comparison, an accessible, IOS version of ms paint.
Any suggestions? I also have an idea for apple pencil users, if anyone is interested in the theory, if my email address is shown, let me know, or I can reply and talk to the person privately, or move that discussion somewhere else.
Again, thank you guys for being so patient. This sight is worth more than the weight of its server farm in the most valuable metal or stone (diamonds aren't rare), on earth.

Submitted by Siobhan on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hi. Just wondering if you've looked in the app store. I don't usually come on here for an app recomendation, only because with everyone's accessibility, i jump in before I ask for help. :) I don't do this with a paid app often. Good luck with the apple pencil, it never occured me to even consider one.