Is there an app to act as a plain pair of dice?

iOS and iPadOS
Is there any app that will act as a pair of dice for a turn to make the iOS a talking pair of dice for use in board games being played with sighted players? What I'm talking about is just as a pair of dice, not as part of any other game like in a casino game. This would let blind players compete equally with sighted players without needing somebody to see and tell what the dice were, and also lets the blind user know what the other players have rolled without any cheating. I play Monopoly on a regular board game with a 10 year old and I would like to know what we are rolling without asking him to tell me what was rolled every time. I'm aware of the Random Number app, but that only lets you set it to roll as one die. It seems like this would be a simple app to make, but then again, I'm not a developer. The only existing product outside of an app like this that I've found costs more than $30 from a company specializing in products for the blind, and that's a lot to pay for a pair of dice.



Submitted by Cliff on Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guess you could use a free app called Dize Aloud D6, and roll the dize twice to have the numbers from two dizes spoken....

Submitted by Ron Graham on Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thanks for recommending Dice Aloud. Works easily, even prompting me to turn off VO. I think I can handle tapping on the screen twice for two rolls of the die. In my search, I found an app called Virtual Dice, which let me pick how many dice I wanted to roll, sounding good initially. Even the "roll" button was labelled. While it worked great for my son, and I could make it roll, VO would not read what the dice were. If the developer would fix that part, this would be perfect, but I can use Dice Aloud.

Submitted by synthesizer101 on Monday, February 18, 2013

You could get a set of braille dice. I'm not exactly sure who makes them, only I've got about two dozen. They are quite easy to feel. By the way, that sounds like a nice app. Now, to find a suitable picture of dice... Anyway, I'll get working on that.

Submitted by charles on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All you have to do is to tell Siri to "roll 2 dice". The result will be spoken.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I would recommend Talking Dice. The app is free, but contains ads. Turn wiFi Off or Airplane Mode On to avoid ads. There are a few languages you can select in the app, then all you have to do is turn off VoiceOver and tap the screen. Tap once to roll, the dice will continue rolling until you tap the screen again to make the app say the number.

Submitted by charles on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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If I remember right, that app only rolls one die. Plus you have to do all the other stuff you mentioned. Usind Siri, all you have to do is press the home button from within any app, say "Roll two dice." and let go of the home button. No cost, no adds, no fuss no muss. Plain and simple. What can be better than that? You can also say something like, "Roll a 20 sided dice." for dice rolling games that require one, or evn a 100 sided dice. Yes, there actually is such a thing in gaming.

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