Text size in mail and IOS 10.1

iOS & iPadOS

A day or so ago, I posted about IOS 10.0 and problems with the size of text in the mail app. I had reported that even if a low-vision user adjusted a desired text (font size) in settings to a desired size, it made little difference in the text size of messages when reading mail. Occasional emails would show up in my desired font size. IOS 10.1 was supposed to have addressed this issue. In my case, not much has changed (I have an IPhone 6). I have very mixed results; some emails show up in my desired font size while some that used to in IOS 9 and earlier versions, now display in very small print. So it appears that this issue has not been fully corrected. Disappointing, but I can live with it since I will continue to take advantage of a work-around (copy and paste into my Notes app so I can see the print. With prior versions of IOS, the occasional email would display with extremely small print, but the number of emails with this issue has increased significantly, including emails that routinely displayed at the desired text size. I hope that Apple looks at this problem again to see if additional corrections can be made.