Telegram Messenger

iOS & iPadOS


Is anyone using telegram messenger? I've got it on my iphone but have
trouble with it. If I try and search for a user the screen seems to
go blank/VO won't read anything on the screen other than the cancel
button. Also I did join a group a while ago which I expect has had
plenty of messages in it but I've not been notified of them. So I
thought I'd look in settings and tapped notifications but nothing on
the screen seems to change after I tap notifications.

Is anyone getting on ok with this app and what platform are you using it on?



Submitted by Matthew Whitaker on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Hi. I would suggest using an app called Bright Guide. It connects to Tellagram and is accessible with Voiceover. It works on IOS and I believe iPad OS as well.
Here's a link to it...
Looks like it is also available for Mac OS as well... you learn something new everyday. :-)
Anyway, hope this helps