Telegram, help needed

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Hello, Maybe you have heard about Telegram. It is another messaging app that offers highly encripted messaging, multiple device support, and multiple media sharing. The difference between this one and any other similar app is that it is becoming a real Whatsapp enemy. Why am I asking for help? Well, basically, most of the app is accessible except for the most important, the chat. Neither the text field and keyboard nor the chat messages are accessible, and I need people who send messages asking for it to be fixed or implemented. The support link is this, no idea if they reply via mail or via Telegram, so maybe you need it to be installed, its free. Thank you very much



Submitted by soni on Sunday, July 26, 2020

Any app work around for telegram? I also can't figure out how to delete or clear a chat.

Submitted by user26335377 on Sunday, July 26, 2020

Messages in chats is readable, but not always focusable with navigation gestures (try to use exploring by touch).
Interacting with context menus and dialogs is difficult, but also possible: when they appearing they not focusable using gestures to, but if you try to explore the screen you find menu/dialog and all there's buttons placed just over main window. It's strange and not so convenient as it could be, but can't be called completely unaccessible.
PS. If anyone knows more accessible telegram client please tell about it.
PS2. Sorry for my English.