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Hi, I downloaded goggles because I was impressed with the podcast I heard on applevis. I think it sounded excellent and I can't wait to try it out. I open it but I don't get any speech. I put it on video camera but I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. My language is on English and I don't know what else to try. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am using an Iphone 4s. I have heard people raving about it so I know it should work. Please help!



Submitted by chris R on Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hi. I would try quitting all of the apps in the app switcher, and relaunching goggles. Maybe even restart the iPhone. I also had this problem at first, but after doing this it seemed to work fine, and it seemed that the problem was I had loads of other audio apps running in the background. Bear in mind though, that the app will not speak unless it is sure of a match or has not recognised any text, and also it does take a few seconds for data to be received from the servers. I have used this app extensively and I think it's really great and has a lot of potential, so I hope this helps you to be able to experience the app as well.

Submitted by touch in action on Sunday, May 5, 2013

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Hi, thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately I tried that, I took all my apps out of the apps switcher and I restarted my phone but no dice. I have waited a few minutes but nothing happens at all. I have put it both on video camera and still camera but I just am struggling. The podcast I heard, the guy didn't have to press any buttons and it just started speaking. It says stop next to the video camera option but I am not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Any other suggestions. It was such a cheap app so I didn't really waste money but because everyone is raving about it, I don't want to give up on it too quickly. Thanks so much

Yes, well that is strange then in that case. No, you're not doing anything wrong. A few other suggestions might be, 1. press the stop button, and then press the button again, this might work. 2. Reinstall the app. 3. In addition to these, make sure you are pointing the camera at something that definitely has text on it to be identified. Don't give up on this app, this is a very good app and has a lot of potential. I hope it works for you. :)

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Sunday, May 5, 2013

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hi I recently updated the talking goggles app couple days ago, and repently talking goggles stop working. that I did and works for me was the follow; first of all let me say who I purchase the upp when it the version was running 1.2 for me worked good but when the new update came out on May first I did the update couple days ago after have downloaded I couldn't work any more on the app I tryed use app sweecher, turning off and later on the iPhone with out get good resoults. that I did was delete the talking goggles directly on the iPhone, later went at app store selecting on the buttom updates tap, purchased headingand installing again the app selecting the Language first then flash and video camera and everything works again.

Yes, that is what I Suggest anyone with this problem should do as I wrote yesterday. .

Submitted by Bill Freeman on Monday, May 6, 2013

Hi there, Here are a few more things to try: * Make sure the area you are working in has plenty of good light, or turn on the flash using the button inside the app. * Make sure you have a good internet connection. I believe that this app sends its image data over the net to be processed remotely. * while in video camera mode, point the camera at whatever you are trying to recognize, and hold it steady for a few seconds. If the app doesn't speak, move the phone slightly and hold again. Hope you are able to get this working. While not perfect by any means, this app is useful, and is fun to play with. While waiting on my wife to make a decision in the store the other day, I pulled up this app, and was able to browse through magazine covers on a near-by shelf.

Yes, these are very good Suggestions. A lot of the problem may be not pointing the camera at the exact plaice where the text is, and so moving the phone around a bit will help as already said; and yes lighting is another big consideration.

Submitted by touch in action on Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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How close or far must you hold the phone from what you are trying to detect? When you are talking about enough light, would you take a picture outside or would you just turn on a light and does the brightness on your phone have to be at a certain level or can I have it on 0 and still take a good picture of the text. Thanks so much for all responses.

Hi, I got the goggles app to work by reinstalling it. I just get half words and I can't yet make out what the voice says but I'll keep trying. At least I got it going. I don't know what happened. When I hold it, it will spell things out and I don't quite know how to hold the phone to reflect the right results but I guess its all about practice. Thanks again.

Submitted by Bill Freeman on Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Hi, Glad you got the app up and going. I haven't played with it enough yet to get a good feel how far to hold the camera away, but I have had some success with 6 to 12 inches. Normal room lighting seems to work ok,. Not sure, but I don't think the phone's screen brightness would have all that much affect. Thanks

Submitted by rdfreak on Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Impressed with this app and the OCR. I am still yet to get more use to being able to detect items and text; When I'm holding it over text it works so amazingly well but so frustrating when I'm moving it around and just can not get a word out of it. This is trying to detect CDs etc. How cool that one of the above users was able to browse magazines? that is awesome! Haven't tried detecting any actual food items yet but will try them tonight. :)