Taking a "Good", panoramic photo

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Can anyone give me reliable tips on taking a panoramic photo? Also, a well done podcast would be great too. I admit to being a snob on the quality on this one. I mean that if someone with a decent setup, not just holding their phone up to a headset or whatever, I'd really enjoy that. I want to lean how to take photos of this beautiful mirual at a VFW. Thanks. As for the snob comment, I'm sorry to sound critical, I just am a fan of actual work putting podcasts up, so i'd rather see some good editing go into it then a quickly done five minute tutorial. Thanks again.



Submitted by LaBoheme on Thursday, August 9, 2018

i don't think you need a podcast, unless you need an explanation for what is panoramic photography. what you need is a rotating mount, preferably a motorized one. just search for rotate pano mount on amazon, i don't take enough pano to invest one of those myself.

and of course you need a tripod, i use this one:

and of course you need a phone folder, i use these two, they are all quite good: