Synctuition App - where is the positivity for VoiceOver users?

iOS & iPadOS

Dear AppleVis users:

As many blind-from-birth users, I encounter the typical difficulties linked to 24-sleep-wake disorder. Besides taking a melatonine medicine, I recently wanted to try out the Synctuition app, which, according to the website <; and advertisements running on YouTube, is supposed to prepare your mind for a relaxing sleep with relaxing sound worth four hours of deep meditation.
Has anyone of you successfully set up and used the Synctuition app with VoiceOver? Indeed, I encountered the following issues:
1) During the set up process, in which you are supposed to record your voice, instructions are not given clearly through VoiceOver.
2) Although most of the buttons seem to be clearly labeled, the recordings from the App don't play as expected. I've tried it both with my AirPods and the original lightening-connected buds, but no way...
Can anyone help?