syncing iphone contacts with outlook

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So I feel like I should know how to do this but am lost. I've told my phone to sync my contacts and calendar with Outlook, all contacts. However, when I go to my outlook address book after putting in my email account info and hitting sync using itunes, there's nothing in Outlook. What am I doing wrong here? Patrick



I'm using Outlook 2007, and I have a similar problem, except it's sort of the reverse. I got the phone to copy my contacts from Outlook, no problem--and it seems to accept changes I make to those contacts--they show up in Outlook. However, if I enter a new contact in my phone, that doesn't show up in Outlook. I'd like a little more detail, too.

Hi there, I ran into the same problem with getting contacts entered on my phone to be updated on the exchange server. I fixed this by going into settings, then mail and contacts. Look under the contacts heading for a button called "default account". This lets you pick which group newly-created contacts get put into, so pick your exchange account in there. HTH