Switching Between Apps in Split View on iPad Using Keyboard Commands

iOS and iPadOS

Hello. I have found that using gestures to navigate between apps, for example, two instances of Safari on iPad works well. I had found a list of IOS iPad commands, and according to this list, Control Option Left Bracket and Control Option Right Bracket should allow the user to switch between the two apps displayed. When I press this key combination, focus moves to the split view divider, and not to the second instance of Safari in this case. This could be user error, but I have each instance of Safari taking up exactly half of the screen. Control Tab or Command Tab are not meant to work for this particular scenario. Any comments on switching between split view apps using a bluetooth keyboard will be welcome, and thanks.



Submitted by Paul Martin on Sunday, January 5, 2020

When you try it once from the keyboard, it only moves you to the split view divider, something I personally don't hope they change. If you wer to however try it twice, you should find it indeed moves you to the application on the other side of the screen.

Submitted by EileenšŸ˜· on Monday, January 6, 2020

Thanks for sharing this keyboard shortcut.

Works perfectly for me... both for side by side apps and slide-over.

Submitted by Jim Fettgather on Monday, January 6, 2020

This command, Control Option, Left or Right Bracket, goes between the Split View icon and the web page content. However, both web pages are each taking up exactly half of the screen. Perhaps there some toolbars showing that are compromising the command, I will have to try to clean up the Safari interface to see if I can get this command to work. Thanks.