Swiping not workinmg in some apps

iOS and iPadOS

So I have an amazing app that allows me to check my blood sugar at any time, it is called the Libre, made by Abbott. I would suggest any diabetic check it out.
Anyway, when I upgraded to 14, I wasn't able to swipe to the check glucose button after launching the app, and had to just run my finger all over the screen near the button to get to it, but it doesn't seem to be in a consistent location, I do this with other apps and can usually get pretty close if not right on buttons when I need to, such as send on the message app.
Then, when I updated to 14.1, this was fixed and there was much rejoicing.
But now, with 14.2 this problem has come back. It is certainly not a deal breaker, but highly annoying, especially when I'm in a noisy environment and just need to do a quick check.
Usually, I can just two finger swipe up to get to the top of the app screen, then swipe my way to the check glucose button, but all that does is keep me on the status bar at the top.
I've tried changing voices, as I know this was an issue in 14.0, but that did no good.
Any ideas? Or is it just the nature of the beast at this point?
I hate to complain, because this is life changing technology, but if it is possible to work around this issue, that would be great.
Thanks all.



Submitted by Blind Adrenaline on Monday, November 16, 2020

I am using an iPhone 7 for this by the way.